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Jan 30

Shopping Haikus


well-made button-downs

worn wrinkled.


One-hundred percent

cotton, button-down collars

in ev’ry color.


Polo Ralph Lauren

shirts for 100 dollars?

You must be joking.



Superior shirts,

half the cost.


Conservative shirts;

Navy, black, and khaki pants;

Black or brown loafers.


Checkers, solids, stripes

are what I like in a shirt;

that covers them all.


I don’t know my size

in any clothing item.

To the dressing room!


Do you like

what I have picked out?

Yea, you’re right.


How about this one?

It works well with my skin tone

and my eye color.


Well fuck your shit then!

This is the last time that I

go shopping with you!


Alone here

I struggle to find

the right shirt.


Uhm, excuse me, ma’am.

I really could use some help

picking out a shirt.


That is nice…

Do you mind if I

try it on?


I’m in love with it

I’m in love with you as well,

patron of the cloth!


Then we got married-

consummated the marriage

in oxford-cloth shirts…


Civil War


Second amendment modified.  Handguns illegal now.


Weapons confiscated.  This is the end.


Incumbent wins election.  Third term presidency.


"Socialism now!" they chanted.  Constitution burned.


Wealth redistribution.  Social justice.  Civil unrest.


Marxism reestablished.  Proletariat rules the country.


"We are so poor." They’re hungry.


Death in the streets. Nobody cares.


"Revolution!" is screamed by the Capitalists.


Secret meetings.  Plans made.  Civil war.


How did it come to this?


So much bloodshed.  And for what?


Meaningless ideals.  Power.  Greed.  Corruption.  Narcissism.


It happens in cycles.  History repeats.


We are at peace until tomorrow.


War breaking out. News at eleven.

What is up

with all these fucking

haikus, man?


I like it

it kind of has a

ring to it


Are you going to

finish that burger yourself

or do I need to?


Work dat thang

drop it down low girl

make it clap


-And sorry if I accidentally stole these from you!  They just popped into my head. I’m not sure if they had an origin.

“Be not occult.” Walt Whitman

A toast:

To Rome!

To Elysium!

The mother, the child—absent father.

6 word stories

Take it off for a dollar?


Oh shit… I came inside you.


This day will destroy me tonight.


Guess she’s a lesbian.  Now what?


Soon she will leave—it’s over.


Sick of your shit.  Take care.


She left me for a woman.


You will burn in hell forever.


The baby is not yours, sir.


Move on.  Pick up the pieces.

Jan 29


When in the museum
don’t touch the things
the things are old
they are fucking expensive!
Put your hands down
down by your sides
you don’t want to break
one of the things.

Jan 28

I put money into the soda machine
and nothing comes out at all.

I open my wallet to pay for my lunch
and nothing comes out at all.

I open the door to walk outside
and nothing comes out at all.

I put pen to paper to write how I feel
and nothing comes out at all.

I put in effort to change myself
and nothing comes out at all.

I open myself to other people
and nothing comes out at all.

I open my heart to pour out my soul
and nothing comes out at all.

I open my eyes to pour out my tears
and nothing comes out at all.

I open my mouth to cry out to God
and nothing comes out at all.

I open the bottle to drown out my sorrow
and nothing comes out at all.

And Nothing Comes Out At All, by me

Jan 27

Obama The Christ

Obama, the greatest president ever

He made guns illegal

And when he died for America’s sins

He returned as an Eagle.

The Lake Isle of Innisfree read by Yeats.

Jan 26
Hello, new book that I will be studying.

Hello, new book that I will be studying.

Jan 20
new painting I’m working on!

new painting I’m working on!

Jan 18

Cardboard and Canvas

I love to paint on cardboard rather than canvas.  Whenever I have canvas to work with, the first stroke is excruciating to make. Canvas is pricey and hard to obtain; it is difficult to force myself to possibly ruin something so pristine.  On the other hand,  artistic anxieties are diminished when painting on cardboard, as it has already served the purpose it was made for.  Blank cardboard offers an opportunity for the artist to completely let go of inhibitions. When the artist realizes that she has the ability to turn trash into treasure, it gives her a noble purpose. People are like cardboard and canvas too.  We desperately want to create art from the canvas people: the intelligent, the athletic, the beautiful.  We’re willing to pour time and resources into them in order to mold them into productive members of Society. My interest is in the cardboard people, because the reality is that they have more potential to become unique creations.  They were going to be thrown away anyway.

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